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Welcome to JaviBustos!

and welcome to "Shared Feelings" the art collection of my life in which I show feelings and share them with all of you, in my exhibitions and in this window to the world that is my online gallery.

As many of you know, "I paint feelings", and that makes me happy, creating, making an idea visible, showing it, enjoying doing it and enjoying showing it, living sharing ideas, illusions, different points of view and of course, listening to your comments, criticism and praise, in short, enjoy every day with art and great joy.

My advice to enjoy this gallery to the fullest would be to first read the title, then look at the work and finally, whoever wants it, read the history of the work and, of course, enjoy the presentation videos that I have made for many of the works. with a selection of music thought of the work !! You will find on the right of each work the available options.
I hope you like it !!.

Oil on canvas  81x 65 cm

"Study Beautiful", a work that accompanies me all my life and that will surely continue to do so. With this very special work I want to start my online gallery, a work that shows the care and affection of parents, specially so that you take advantage of the opportunity to study and have the best inheritance that they can leave us.

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Oil on bagage  100x 80 cm

"The Journey of Your Life", we all carry a suitcase inside of us, which accompanies us throughout our lives, where we put all our memories, our trips, our little moments in life, and which from time to time we open to remember, to re-savor those moments. Here I show my suitcase, my travels, my memories in this exclusive work to Share my Feelings.

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                                Acrylic on canvas with iron  46x 55 cm

"Events", a special work, made for the Malaga exhibition and which is in search of how to show time, how to show a succession of continuous, unstoppable events, a space-time that constantly changes, just as it changes his Energy.

                              Acrylic on canvas with iron 46x 55 cm

"Little by little", a work from the same series about the search for how to show time, as it is. Here the time of a flower.

   Acrylic on canvas with iron 195 x 114 cm

"The Time", a work from the same series about the search for how to show time, as it really is. Here the time of a sunset.

                                                                                        Discover the history of "The Time"

Acrylic on canvas  116x 89 cm

"The Little Things That Make Me Happy", our lives are nourished every day by those little things that, although they don't seem like it, are the really important ones, the ones that come within, the ones that make us who we are. A hug with someone you love, a little chat with your mother or father, an aperitif with a friend, a surprise, so many little things that truly reach the mind and heart.

Watercolor  6x50x35 cm

"When We Were Children", we were not born 40 years old, running all day and with two children, we have been children, we have raised our heads to call our parents, we have played, we have had time to value our lives, because that's how it is , when you look at the hands and feet of parents and their children and raise your head up like a child, then you realize.

Acrylic on canvas and paper  146x114 cm

"The Mass Matters", how a large mass influences space-time, a new work that helps us better understand the Universe in which we live. The theory of relativity at a glance.

                                 Acrylic on canvas  80x110 cm

"The Vaen's Sunflowers", each one in its own way, with a certain character, with an illusion, with a life, from the moment you sow it until it dies, each one with its own identity, but always united.

                                Acrylic and paper   30x25x25 cm

"We are Energy", we are a continuous transformation of Energy, just like the environment that surrounds us, it never stops, we are constantly changing.

Acrylic on canvas   146x114 cm

"Growing Up Together", a gift for my childrens, so they know that a few years ago that was their real size, that they were together and no matter what happens they should stay together.

Oil on door  203x82 cm

"The Defeat of Don Quixote", imagine being in the mind of Don Quixote, just at the moment of falling to the ground in his battle with the Giants, and seeing this Manchego sunset, disturbed, on top of Criptana, defeated!

                   Watercolor  35x23 cm

"The Hangover Face", you never remember them until you have it on you, impossible to think, headache, pasty mouth, sore eyes, what am I going to tell you...

                                     Watercolor 23x35 cm

"The passage of the Life", life happens inevitably.

                       Watercolor 23x35 cm

"Heat", this painting is many years old, but every time it makes more sense, Spain is looking like Africa little by little.

Paper   43,5x2100 cm

"We stay", we are continuous transformation of Energy, without stopping, we are constantly changing, it is a cyclical Universe in which Energy changes state every moment. We can be calm, "we stay".

Acrylic on canvas   200x90 cm

"Back home", seven years of my life doing the same journey, round trip, 200 km, the same road, the same landscapes, the same seasons and when I return home tired, the same sunset, the rearview mirror helps me realize account of the years that have already passed me.

Acrylic on canvas   100x50 cm

"An instant in your life", time passes inevitably, continually changing, constant, at least on the Earth we live on. You cannot stop taking advantage of every moment.

Acrylic on canvas   146x114 cm

"Imagining", a little piece of sky, at night, of stars, like a piece of sky that you take home, to keep dreaming...

Acrylic on canvas with iron   60x81 cm

"Theory of Everything", we live in a cyclical Universe, after giving it many turns, in the end the Big Bang repeats itself, Einstein's famous equation tells us clearly.

Acrylic on canvas   60x81 cm

 "Time Tunnel", there is only one way to continue living, eternally, to move forward even if our body dies, part of our Energy remains alive, every time one of our children moves on.

Digital Work

"Will there be another opportunity?", every day is special, and you realize when some important things happen to you in your life, especially when you see that you could lose it nearby, that's why every day is important to live it. It is very important to hear the sound of this work to realize what is happening.